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Alice Cook

Artist Statement

Abstraction is a tool and a vehicle that activates my artistic self-expression, allowing the past, the present, and future expectations to come together in an artwork.  I bring to the conversation color, line, form, shapes, texture, materials, and composition.  The viewer brings the other part of the conversation, depending on how they engage or not engage with the work.  I choose to use abstract elements to foster my own awareness of the invisible, called self.

The process I use begins with lines, then lines turning into shapes, and shapes into forms.  Color, texture, and composition develops along the way with trial-and-error mark making.  I use an additive process, rarely removing the unwanted, but incorporating it into the whole work.  The need of the work determines the materials used, and I often find inspiration in the artists' tools lying about my studio.  Also, artistic judgement in line with personal expression help guide the process until both are satisfied with what the artwork is generating.

As the various elements within the artwork interact, I relate to the work by allowing freedom and imagination to lead to an integration of thoughts and emotions.  Sometimes I immediately have awareness of the invisible in the work, at other times I need to reflect on what the work is producing in and through me.  Communication is central to my practice, with communication understanding can follow.

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